Sunday, August 9, 2015

Creating Memories

Hello guys! :D
How's everyone doing? It's been awhile hasn't it?
I have a very good news for you!
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Now, here's the exciting part.
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It's such an honor to be able to join this community. They are so kind and always happy to help you. I received my package a few days ago and surprisingly all the photos were printed in a very good quality. These Instagram print-outs from :PRINTL are lovely and I encourage you guys to get your own print-out. Remember to subscribe using the special discount code 'PRINTL70' :)

That's all for today! Till next time! Much love xx

Friday, April 17, 2015

Silver Lining

Sorry for my invisibility for quite some time. I think I've been disappearing for more than a year and TADAA! Finally I made a comeback. Short story on how I decided to update something on my blog. It's because I couldn't sleep. Simple like that. So I decided to watch something instead of doing nothing. The story of the movie is about someone who is working in another country and he misses his family so much and on Christmas day, someone surprises him by bringing his parents as a Christmas gift. Okay I admit that I'm bad at explaining the movie but let's move on HAHA.

Well, I think I'm on the same position with him. I'm far away from people who are dear to me and I miss them. I don't really say it to them but actually deep inside my mind I really mean it. I've been living in Melbourne for more than a year but I think my heart is not here. I couldn't really find someone to lean on. I feel lonely some times but I keep telling myself that everything is gonna be alright. I always show the brightest part of me but no one really know about me. When I feel lonely, I try to distract myself by going adventurous. Walking around neighborhood and find a new unique places, visiting new cafes, trying to make a new projects and going to uni for classes. I try to make myself as comfortable as possible because I know that is part of life that I can never turn back.

Sometimes I think that I'm not good enough, I'm not pretty enough, I get jealous over something, I get hurt by hurtful words and comments but I can't express how I feel, I feel like an outsider and all I want to do is just disappear. As the time passes by, I become a stronger person. I tried to stop the feeling the need to fit into what the society thinks about me and be happy instead. It's hard but I tried not to bottle things up inside so yeah. I think I'm going to stop writing for now because I might end up writing non-sense things HAHAHA. So before I leave, for people out there who are feeling the same thing with me, I just want to say that hard times and problems will pass and it will make the mature version of who you are in the future.

See you again on next post! Stay happy and healthy! I love you xx

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Unspoken Goodbye

it has been a long time since my last post. i don't know where to start in this post. i'm blank.
i don't know either why i want to post this post. right now i don't have someone to talk to so i just think that i just can post this to tell how i'm feeling right now, and also i think i speak better in words.
today, when i was sleeping inside my room, my granny who live with me went to my room and woke me up.
she said, "Vero, wake up and don't be surprise. Pak kung has gone." after she said that, she went away.
leaving me with nothing but only this shocking news.
i tried to go back to my sleep but i can't. my eyes are tired because of my stubbornness who slept at 3 am but my mind... it keep bothering me..
i was thinking in my bed. i suddenly remember about pak kung. actually i'm not that close with pak kung, but right now let me tell you a story about him.

pak kung is the brother of my grandfather from my father's family. he wasn't married but he loved kids very much. he live alone for his whole life. well, if you ask me why, i don't know the reason too. for me, he's mysterious. he didn't let other people come to his room. when i was lived at my old house, i've ever come to his room secretly but i hardly remember everything there. i was so young that time. pak kung was very diligent. everyday he woke up early and help my family to open the poultry shop. everyday..
although i seldom talked with him, i know that he has a sincere heart. he loved me very much. why i said so?
he knew that i love his homemade cakes. when he got time, he would bake some cakes for me and told my mother to give it to Vero because she love it. oh no, my tears are falling

enough with the story. he has gone and never come back. i still can't believe this. all i know that he was a strong man and he didn't have any disease but why did he suddenly go like this? i still don't know the reason why he passed away yet. i'm afraid to know and not brave enough to ask.
why did he have to go without saying goodbye?
maybe i'm not that close to pak kung but when i knew this news, i feel lost. i don't want to lose him. i don't want to lose anybody whom i love.
suddenly i remember this sentence. if i got 100 days to live with someone, i want to live 100 days minus one day. why? because i want to spend my life and death with that person.
maybe when we say goodbye, we will hope for another hello. however, sometimes, we have misunderstood it. we will never know how much time we have.

goodbye pak kung, we're glad we had the times together
Although we love you deeply, we could not make you stay
God want you closer to him and i believe God had another plan behind all this.
you will be forever in my heart :)

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Back to Insanity

holla! yeah i know that i've been gone for so long.
well, i can't believe that high school is just so much better in movies but in real life?
duh! a BIG NO
in less than 2 months, i will be facing my national examination. can you imagine it? and before the national examination, still teachers do not give up to torture us by giving us tasks, tests and whatever.
i'm very berry perry tired -,- like seriously. but i have to score for my finals cause i wanna make my parents proud of me hehe. perhaps this is my random wish. yep

by the way, i'm so happy that finally i got my long hair back after waiting for so long. i've missed my long hair since i cut it about 2 years ago. i din regret for having short hair. at least i've already tried it. however i prefer long hair. i feel better with long hair. hahaha!
so a few days ago i took photos with my long hair and i decided to use one of my photo for replacing my old banner :P

i got to go to sleep now! it's midnight already. thank you for visiting my blog :)
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"it's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see"

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

H to the I! HI :)

Finally, my blog is alive again!! can't believe it that i left my blog for about 6 months. sorry for my invisibility. got no time for posting some new posts and too busy in school stuffs and many others.
now i'm having my boring holiday. i spent my holiday by staying at home and going nowhere. aw yucks.
but actually it's not that bad. i'm enjoying every second of my life.

by the way people, HAPPY NEW YEAR! time is beating the horse, huh? it's 2013 already. so quick but it is true.
well, 2012 is very tough. i found so many bitterness and sweetness in my life. families, friends, schools and everything.
2012 gave me so much to remember and cool experiences.
disappointments have become the friend of mine. i fall deep in it and hardly find myself happy. pretending to be strong in every moment but actually i'm not that strong. sometimes i failed in achieving what i want and all i wanna do is punch myself on my face and puke to wherever i want. i mean failures are annoying. i hate meeting bad things in my life. however i'm so grateful because i have people around me who care with me. at least i did not spend my time for miseries only. and one thing i know for sure, life goes on and time is really fast. sometimes i wish i could turn back time and live in sweet moments but the truth is i cannot. #erm #okay

so everybody is making new year resolutions, rite? me too want! *acting like a boss* hahaha
i want to be someone who can be trusted and people will lean on me. i mean i want to become a better person. i want to make a new breakthrough in my life. life is only once and i want to rejoice it.
more than that, i want to end my senior high school life happily and enter my university life :)
though life is unpredictable, i believe God always gives the best for me.

oh my, feeling great filling my first day in 2013 by posting this post.
2013, be nice!!!
guess we have reached the end of this post. goodbye then! see you around :)
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Thursday, June 7, 2012

part of me

as i have promised you on my last post, today i will update my blog with my birthday scrapbook.
i know it's too late already. i couldn't find any suitable time for me to update any new post.
got so many things to do. *sigh
but luckily my school is giving me some break after final examination. you can call it as holiday, maybe? ;)
so without wasting any time, let's proceed.

so i asked my friends to do some 'art' on my scrapbook. i asked them to fill my scrapbook with birthday greetings, drawing, quotes and whateverrr. they were free to express themselves. and i'm quite satisfied with it. my friends are really creative, ya know ;)
i couldn't reach my friend one by one so there were only some of friends filled my scrapbook. ugh the sad fact :(
so here are the pics of my scrapbook. TADAA!

 this was made by my adorable Eveline Irene. she was the first person who filled it.
 this was made by Cindy Gunawan. so vintage ya? :D
 this was made by Winda Faustina Sari. she put a secret letter for me and i was touched after reading at her letter. by the way, she is a fashion blogger. click here to know her better.
 this was made by Florence but i prefer to call her Aren. she is really good at drawing and i love her creativity.
 this was made by Lupita. she made me an eiffel door hanger too for me by sticking small pieces of paper and forming it until it become an eiffel tower. whoaa! i'm amazed with her work.
this was made by Eveline. simple is great, huh? ;)
hah! this was made by Steven Mulyadi. he even put the picture of me on it. thank you for the wishes. i hope it will be granted. especially your wish on page 3 with orange color. teehee.
 this was made by Stella Cereva. oh simplicity strikes again ;)
this came from my melancholy friend, Vania Dianti. yeay so happy that she filled my scrapbook. her special message is ... spectacular! HAHA.
 this was made by David Shi. i love how he edited my picture into scattered puzzles. i found it is cute.
 yeah from my Gaby. colorful for somebody like me. NYEHEHE.
 this was made by Chelsy. she did some knitting of eiffel tower. so cutee.
this was made by Jessica Valencia. she put everything on it. like her sketch paper, correction pen, face product and etc. this girl is too creative. HAHA. thank you :)
oh from Melly :) i like hers the most. dunno why. HEHE.
 this was made by Karunia. she is very creative. i love her! woops. i love A the most. HAHA ;P
the last but not least, made by Cindy Ardelia. she told me that her mum scolded her because she made her room into a mess while doing my scrapbook. what a sacrifice.

all i can is THANK YOU BERRY BERRY MUCH for all your hard work.
i really appreciate this so much.
i'll keep my scrapbook well because part of me is there. HAHA. sounds to excessive eh.

and shall we say goodbye now? yaa i think so.
bye people. don't miss me too much ;)
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Monday, April 30, 2012


oh hello bloggers! i'm totally blank here.
i was pretty hectic with school life.
so many tasks, tests and to be honest i feel so depressed.
and i'm physically and mentally tired but who cares?
feeling sad without any reasons and having some disappointments.
this is just freaking annoying and irritating.
oh please just please lit up my energy up to the fullest in everything i do.
i rely on You, God
i hate stress. i'm a walking disaster when i'm stress.
and all i can do is only smiling with bitter smile.
this. is. crazy.
i believe my life is riding a roller coaster and it turns me upside down.
i don't have any clue why i'm acting like a total stranger in my own life.
HAH :(

'sometimes the one that always there for somebody need somebody to be there for her'
yeah i agree with this quote.
and maybe it's true that if there is no pain, there will be no gain :)
so keep calm and peace out! yeah. 


anyway i'm thinking about having a new banner for my blog. it's kinda old and boring already.
but i got no time for it. i just hope that someday ;)
ohh guess i need to kick myself out from my blog.
for next post, i will update it with my birthday scrapbook
pssst... so stay tune bloggers.
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"Just when you think it can't get any worse, it can and just when you think it can't get any better, it can"

Monday, April 16, 2012

dance to live

hello people :-)
yeah i'm back! today's post will be full of pictures fyi. watchout! :P
my friends, Nadia who had just came back from malaysia, gave me something as my birthday gift. she gave me a necklace and i love the necklace so much. HEHE. i never expect she would give me this thing. first impression when i saw the necklace was "WOW, this is no way" i said to her that i love it very much.
THANK YOU SOMUCH NADIA! love you just the way you areeee ♥ xx

sooo after i got this necklace, i decided to took some pictures by using my camera. i took the ballerina concept to do this photoshoot. yah not bad lah i think :P
i was a ballerina when i was little but i pull out myself from this world. i regretted but nothing i can do. and to be honest i forgot most of the ballet technique. HAHA. so here are the pictures. enjoy :D

still remember with my barbie pictures on my previous post? hope you pay attention on it.
today i also wanna post some barbie pictures. this pictures are great for me. the one who took the pictures is Steven Mulyadi, my bestfriend.
he is a good at taking pictures in good angle. teehee.

well, this post ended here. see you on next post.
veve sign out

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012


hello bloggers. days are getting tough. i couldn't find any ease time to update my blog ;(
and my bad is i loves to procrastinate. oops!
right now i would like to share something that happened about 2 weeks ago. i got some accident. i fell from my motorbike and suffered from injuries. i couldn't walk properly and all i can fell is only pain. everyday.
but luckily my injuries recovered quite fast although i can still feel some pain on my right leg.

hmmph how's life everybody? mine is full of school stuffs. sometimes i stressed up. I NEED FRESH AIR D:
school comes with many new rules and teachers are getting weird (?)
ugh i lost my spirit for schooling. HEHE
so let us proceed, forget about school. meh.

yesterday, i had some spare time and i decided to have some CAMWHORING.
for i seldom used my camera anymore. due to too many activities.

 and the masterpiece from all the photos is ...









okay that barbie is still alive. her head is just fine. and i'm normal.

so goodbye to this post. i'll end it here ;)
criticisms and compliments are allowed in this blog.
feel free to drop what is inside your mind about this blog
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"DREAMS are reality waiting to happen" - Nick Jonas

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